1. Wealth
    Wealth is a collective of principles and values used in our life journey as a mental compass as we set the sails to navigate on the oceans of abundance.
  2. Wellness
    Wellness is a fountain that flows from the heart's core. The foundation of all that is a universal rhythm flowing within us as the power and source of our inner indwelling cosmic solar self, (GLOW ON).
  3. Wisdom
    Wisdom is the supreme enlightenment of knowledge combined with experience creating our thought patterns of images and impression bending and shaping unformed substance into forms of life materials that matters.
  4. Urbanaires
    Billionaires study astrology, millionaires don't! Study all you can to awaken the genius within. Greatness is the destiny of the Visionaires.
  5. Know Thyself
    Self knowledge is the basis of all true knowledge. One who knows one book knows none! Signs and Symbols rule the world not laws and phases. (Honor Your Heritage). CHECK
Who wants to be a billionaire?
You have a devine right to be rich and to have a fortune second to none, but one thing, it will not fall out of the sky, nor will it grow under your feet although the earth is abundantly full with precious metals, you will have to have a small fortune to purchase equipment just to get some of it, but for the other half you will have to uncover the treasures from within you. You are a microcosm of the macrocosm. You are a universe of potentuality and possibilies a product of your own imagination every day. There are many institutions to go to, none of them will teach you about this matter because they are not created for that purpose, not even the church. They are steady raking money in from you, so where do you turn to begin your journey.
Well for one, you can go to the nearest library or, two log onto the internet to research any and every question you may have about this subject.  A great way too start to get on the right track is too have a mentor, if you don't know any millionaires to mentor you, another good way you can start your journey is too  find groups or teams that are working to create wealth like us.

We are URBANAIRES, a specialized team working to share this science with whom ever has an interest in becoming a spiritual millionaire, a billionaire or a source creating opportunities, that form legacies. it's not wrong or foolish to have such a desire, because the more you have the more you can completely fullfil your life creating and building a beautiful world for yourself, and for the people whom you care for. The world is a very beautiful place and for right now, it's the only place we have to develope a difinite purpose for the rest of our days on this plane called earth, so why not do what's necessary to get started.

Billionaires study astrology, millionaires don't. How and why do we know this because knowing is half the battle, this is an ancient science that has an origin like anything else once we understand the origin, and observe the roots of this science we will be standing on the foundation and begin to see level, the true principles that uphold the universe, these priciples are the laws that has govern the phenomenal universe throughout it's eternal existance and are the rules by which we can become rulers of the golden rule. There are seven laws and these laws guide all that is the make up of the universe in which we exist, from the smallest unseen forms of life and light to the largest forms reflected in our every day existance like the sun and moon. You may wonder how far back this science goes. It goes all the way back before ancient Babylon and beyond, one of the riches cities on the face of earth in ancient times this is where banking has it's origin, but the science of all things begins with the ALL MIND. The first principle, is the law of mentalism, where all is mind and mind is all. the stars, the planets in the cosmos, and we have an axiom to prove this point it is as follows, as it is above, so it is below.  

All that is below is a reflection of what is above, based on what we know as the seven liberal arts, and they are Grammar, Rhetoric, Logic, Arithmetic, Geometry, Music, and Astronomy. This is the very reason Signs and Symbols rule the world and not laws and phases, take for example the statue of liberty she holds a torch over her head in one hand and in the other hand she holds a book, it is signifying she is the enlighten one and what she knows is as a torch light to remove darkness /ignorance aside so that knowledge will prevail for all who understands what she symbolizes. We must become literate in symbolism as well as imagery, we need a whole new mind set.
Therefore Knowledge, Imagery, and Imagination are the key in manifesting Wealth, Wellnss, and Wisdom.
Remember an Idea is a child of the mind but, after it is birth on the earth plain it has to have a set of hands.

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We must become literate in symbolism as well as imagery, we need a whole new mind set.
Therefore knowledge is the key in aquiring Wealth,Wellness, and Wisdom.
Christopher Merriweather
Images & Impressions
A new mind set
The images and impressions we hold in our minds eye bends and shapes  unformed substance into life materials that matters, everything we see, touch, and feel was once a thought imaged and imagined in someones imagination.
Imagine what we can accomplish together with a new mind set, join in with us as we work in a viable system to develope and enrich our lives through supporting our businesses as we learn to create new streams of income creating wealth for ourselves.
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